Crime is ubiquitous and all around us. Not all crime needs the use of stun guns or sprinkle spray to prevent a potential assault or break-in. Some crimes are committed by white-collar or blue-collar people who take benefit of others when they least expect it. By pretending to be private sellers, curbstoners are avoiding the law by selling their old cars on the street.

What is Curbstoning?

Curbstoning is the enactment of car dealers pretending to be private sellers when selling their junk cars near me. Used car dealers engaged in this practice as a way to sell cars of substandard quality to credulous buyers. Perhaps there is a street or parking lot near your house where there are numerous junk cars up for sale. The majority of these cars are placed in public view by “curbstoners.” Hence the name because they park the vehicles along the curb. Numerous of these curbstoned cars might be junk cars that car dealers could not sell to make a decent profit.

Crooked vehicle dealers use this method as a way to go around state laws concerning the sale of cars. States have enacted legislation that puts a cap on how many vehicles a private individual may buy and sell in a given period of time without having to be a certified auto dealer. Certified car dealers have needs that they have to meet in order to stay in business.

How Does Curbstoning Work?

Before a curbstoner can screw over a customer, they must have a junk car near me to sell. These vehicles are typically obtained at the low rent car auctions held at wrecking yard and hauling company impounds lots. These vehicles are then “prepped” for sale despite the many mechanical complications

From there, numerous of these vehicles are placed on eBay and many other sites. These scammers utilize numerous other scamming methods while conducting their online sales with affinity deception being one of the more popular methods. Another popular method is using low-resolution photos. Low-quality photos can easily hide broken windshields, dents, corroded, faded paint, and cuts.